Here are some flowers I like to plant for my Fairies:       
Lavender, Foxglove, Pansy, Snapdragon, Impatient, Daisy, Lily, Violet, Milkweed

Meeting  a Fairy is quite easy, all you need to do is ask. It will take time and patience but is worth every second.   Fairies are part of the energy source that helps every plant grow and are always present where there are flowers and trees.

Go outside and find a tree, a beautiful shrub or any flower that attracts your attention. Forest paths and flower gardens are my favorites but any living plant will do.

Fairies are very shy and patience is the key.  Sometimes they appear as flashes of light seen out of the corner of your eye.  Occasionally they will allow their presence to be known by a mysterious smell of flowers or a subtle touch on your arm.

Fairies are sometimes called Nature Spirits or Devas, meaning "shining lights".  Even the tiniest violet hidden under the ivy has a Fairy attached to it.

When you finally connect with a Fairy you will know it. You will feel it when you are outside, especially around flowers, butterflies & bees. Notice that subtle glow around flowers, notice the butterfly trying to get your attention, notice that beautiful smell coming from somewhere...

How to Attract and Meet  A Fairy