My Paradise Cottage     *     Fairy House Kits

Fairy House Kits Include:

      A 4 inch wooden base, a 3 inch cardboard house with a door, a roof, moss, pine bark, acorns, dried flowers and your choice of Fairy.

Visit our Etsy Shop to see the many choices of Fairy House Kits, Unicorn & Dragon Lairs, Fairy Villages and Gnome Homes. 

Having a Fairy theme party? Making a Fairy House is a fun craft idea. Party Packs include 4 Fairy Houses.

Fairy Village Kits are great gift ideas. They include 3 Fairy Houses. Deluxe Kits include glue & glitter!

Making a Fairy House is a wonderful way to connect to

the magical world of the unseen, the world of Fairies!

Our Fairy House Kits provide everything needed to make a beautiful Fairy House.